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Residential Photography Optimization Services



The majority of amateur photographers are able to take reasonable photos. When shooting a landscape or portrait, they often come out just fine. This is fun when capturing candid shots at a friend’s BBQ or a sporting event.

However, if you want professional photos, hire a professional.

This includes a photographer who understands how line, shape, form, texture, pattern, color, and space form the image.

Surprisingly, the most important step in capturing real estate is post-production. This means the techniques are applied after the image is captured. Here are some of the enhancements possible to make to an original still photo.

This package is focused on enhancing existing pictures. If you had a set of real estate pictures taken—they might be live on your listing—ensure they are optimized.

This service was started as a result of my own experience. I was selling a property and had what I thought was a professional photographer take pictures.

However, I realized they were not optimized once the listing was active. Specifically, the rooms were darker than in person, and there also was almost a masking muting of the real colors.

I optimized the 25 images and mentioned what I did to a friend. My friend, who is also selling a property, said his pictures were optimized. I downloaded one picture and showed him the difference. He was amazed at the difference. This is how this service was born!

Common techniques

White balance








Time required

Typically, the turn-around for less than 15 pictures is 24 hours.

Before and After Shots

Optimizing a still for maximum image color.

Before                                                          After           

Optimizing light saturation, brightness, and sharpness.

Before                                                          After

Optimizing image leveling (notice the left image is tilted and leaning to the left).

Before                                                          After

Optimizing image crispness and contrast.

Before                                                          After


Our team can modernize your stills in addition to professional still optimization. Here are a few of the services the team can perform.

Exterior Photo Enhancements

  • Replace overcast skies
  • Enhance crispness
  • Image leveling
  • Saturation cleansing
  • Brown grass patches turned to green
  • Vertical lines straightened
  • Remove objects

Day to Dusk or Twilight enhancement

  • Interior photo enhancements
  • Window masking
  • TVs and monitor overlays
  • Lanai
  • Fireplaces

What you receive

Multiple images optimized (JPEG)

All files are provided on a thumb drive for your convenience


Do you manually adjust each still?

Yes, we know showing your property is a big deal. We feel the same. Without making manual settings adjustments, it’s not possible to optimally enhance the images.

I received photos from the realtor aren’t those optimized and enhanced?

It’s unlikely. Often those are candid shots taken ad-hoc with zero post-production processing. This means the scene was shot, downloaded, and sent. There was no optimization or tuning of the photo.

Is it possible to send you a photo to determine if you can optimize it?

Yes, send a single photo, and within 24 hours, we’ll tell you if the image can be optimized.

Additional information

Number of Photos

Up to 10, Up to 25, Up to 50, Up to 100