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Likely you already have professional pictures of your residential property, which is soon will be listed.

However, many sellers miss the opportunity to truly show off their homes. This means capturing aerial photos and aerial videos of the surrounding area—a huge selling point—is omitted.

Ask yourself these questions to help determine if aerial photos and pictures will help enhance your real estate listing:

  • Is your house backed by privacy, e.g., woods, lake, or a private lot?
  • Are you in a community?
  • Does your community offer amenities?
  • Does your house include a pool?
  • Are you on a corner lot?
  • Is there something special about where your home is located?

Answering yes to these questions usually means that aerial photos and videos will enhance your listing. Imagine looking at a house that appears nice but is very similar to others in the community. However, your house backs up to a wooden area that is private. Well, that’s is a huge selling point. Buyers love privacy.

Why not show them what they are getting rather than telling them?

Aerial Photography Property Only

This option includes capturing aerial photos of the surrounding property. There are standard shots we take however this dramatically depends on the property.

Typically, our FAA-certified pilots will do a fly-over of the property to better understand the big picture. Once that is completed, the mission will be defined and mapped. The standard aerial still captures include the following:

  • 2 stills at wide angles
  • 2 stills at a medium range, usually off 30 degrees
  • 2 stills capturing close-ups
  • 1 still shooting up from the street at the property
  • 1 unique still looking straight down

Aerial Photography Community Amenities

Many communities in Florida have amazing amenities. It’s important to capture unique photos, enhance your listing, and highlight the full ownership experience for future buyers.

Is there a community pool or restaurant?

Does the community have tennis courts?

Aerial stills ensure that your listing shows the full property and amenities associated with that purchase. This helps remote buyers better understand all the features the property has to offer.

Time required

Typically, the turn-around for less than 15 pictures is 24 hours.

Aerial photography property examples

Elevated stills help to capture the entire property.

Aerial community amenities examples

Community shots enhance the real estate property appeal and provide the breadth and depth of where the property is situated.

A straight-forward 30° still of the community.

High aerial photo examples

In addition to standard aerial drone stills, elevated shots can be captured with advanced notice. These still are shot from an airplane or drone with FAA airspace authorization. There is nothing required to do as the pilot will file and take care of all paperwork associated with the mission, flight, and photo shoot.

High aerial portrait and landscape stills.

Pilot credentials

The pilot is a Part 107 Remote Drone pilot that is commercially licensed to fly drones. The pilot has been an FAA commercially licensed drone operator since 2016.

In addition to flying drones, the pilot is also FAA rated to fly aircraft and holds the following active certifications.

  • Commercial Single Engine Land
  • Commercial Multi-Engine Land
  • Commercial Single Single Sea
  • Commercial Glider
  • High-performance
  • Tailwheel
  • Instrument


What shots are common for residential real estate?

Most sellers are interested in highlighting the strengths of their property. As a result, it really depends on which shot is the best. If the property is by the water, a 45° shot often highlights that well. In contrast, if the front of the house has mature landscaping, a cornered 30° shot can look amazing. Generally, a 30° to 45° cornering shot highlights more properties amazingly well.

I received photos from the realtor aren’t those optimized and enhanced?

It’s unlikely. Often those are candid shots taken ad-hoc with zero post-production processing. This means the scene was shot, downloaded, and sent. There was no optimization or tuning of the photo.

How fast can you turn around the stills?

From the time they are taken, the stills will be turned around within 24 hours. Often the longest part of the process is getting access to the property. In many cases, the sellers don’t need to be home as UAS (drone) can be launched from multiple locations to capture similar shots.

How many aerial shots usually make it into the actual listing?

Usually, 2-3 aerial shots capture the surroundings of the property. Usually, sellers will add in a community shot.

What is the most popular aerial option?

Usually, sellers buy the community package. This allows them to choose from a handful of property shots and a few community shots.

Additional information

Type of Aerial Stills

Property Only, Property & Community