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Real Estate Drone Video Flythrough



We use drone video to unlock your potential to showcase your property in new ways.

We help buyers obtain powerful views of a property that they could never get otherwise.

We offer an aerial drone video flying through the property to showcase its location and amenities. Give buyers direct access—they could only experience onsite—from the comfort of their home while surfing for their new property.

We are a trusted partner for sellers and real estate professionals with careful attention to the details that establish the foundation of a great video—lighting, composition, color correction, faithful sequencing, and the option to include a musical or narrative overlay.

Drone flythrough example

Great video leveraging a light drone for a property flythrough.

What you receive

HD video of flythrough (MP4)

All files are provided on a thumb drive for your convenience

Additional Service Options

If YouTube delivery was selected, the link will be available for 60-days

If Amazon (AWS) was selected, the link will be available for 30-days

Pilot credentials

The pilot is a Part 107 Remote Drone pilot that is commercially licensed to fly drones. The pilot has been an FAA commercially licensed drone operator since 2016.

In addition to flying drones, the pilot is also FAA rated to fly aircraft and holds the following active certifications.

  • Commercial Single Engine Land
  • Commercial Multi-Engine Land
  • Commercial Single Single Sea
  • Commercial Glider
  • High-performance
  • Tailwheel
  • Instrument


What’s the best approach to staging a drone flythrough?

The goal is a short 30-second to 1-minute continuous video highlighting the property’s most desirable aspects. While we do 360 virtual tours, we find that buyers are more interested in clicking a link and just watching a cool video as opposed to manually stepping through the property.

The best drone flythroughs start outside the home, enter the home, capture the highlights of the home—upgraded kitchen, open living room, etc.—and then fly out the back of the house into the lanai. Often the video is wrapped with a turn-away shot, showcasing the pool and lanai.

The real estate broker said they are not able to attach the video to the listing. Now what?

One option is for a custom AWS link to be created for the video. This ensures they receive the same video streaming experience regardless of who’s watching the video. I highly recommend this option.

How fast can you turn around the stills?

From the time the video is taken, the final video can usually be turned around within 24 hours. Clearly, the most complex part of the process after flying the mission is post-production.

What is the most popular drone video?

The most popular is a “drone flythrough.”

This enables potential buyers to tour your Properties in 1-click. Start your guests at the front door and fly them through the house to sell your listings faster than ever before. Using lightweight drones that weigh less than one lb, our FAA pilots are able to fly safely and securely through homes, condos, offices, warehouses, and other residential and commercial buildings.

Any questions I should ask?

Whether you engage us or fly your mission with someone else, for your safety, always validate these items:

  • Pilot’s certificate
  • Part 107 Commercial Drone Operator
  • Insurance at $1,000,000
  • Certificate of insurance during the mission window

When is the best time to shoot a flythrough?

We recommend shooting between 12 PM and 4 PM.

How does the YouTube link delivery work?

Not every realtor, buyer, or seller has the ability to host videos. Additionally, some platforms like MLS listings require a link (to a server), not a raw file, in order to access video footage.

This option ensures that only customers (potential buyers) with the link are able to access the file and view the contents. We clean the file, optimize it, and prepare it for upload to a private YouTube account.

We will provide a supported URL link to the edited drone video.

How does the AWS link delivery work?

This option is similar to the YouTube-hosted delivery option. However, there are some significant differences.

The video file is stored on a private Amazon Web Services (AWS) account, and that link is made available to the purchaser.

The benefit of this model is that AWS accelerates video streaming to ensure there is no latency in delivery regardless of where in the world the user is consuming content.


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