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In today’s fast-paced and rapidly changing business environment, innovation is essential for success. The Innovation Digital Certificate Program® is a challenging and intensive program designed to help participants develop an innovative mindset and the skills required to drive innovation in their organizations.

With weekly discussions and practical examples, participants will be exposed to the tools and techniques required for success in a highly competitive and dynamic environment. The program consists of 10 assignments per week, ensuring a deep dive into the principles of innovation.

By completing the Innovation Digital Certificate Program®, participants will have a complete view of how to operate with an innovative mindset in a challenging and complex business environment. You will have the confidence to know that your approach has been tried and validated to be effective, making you a valuable asset to any organization.

Stop wasting time wondering what’s the best approach. Enroll in the Innovation Digital Certificate Program® and gain the skills and mindset required to drive innovation and succeed in today’s business world.

This coaching is provided by a Master of Business Relationship Management (MBRM®)!

Take your BRM game to the next level. Enroll today!

The package includes:

2 days of 4 hours each presenting the topic

1:1 session of 30 minutes with an MBRM®

Unlimited daily contact with your coach via email on an as-needed basis

Key topics

Unlocking Innovation: Strategies for BRMs to Drive Business Growth

Navigating Disruption: How BRMs Can Foster Innovation in Times of Change

Design Thinking for BRMs: A Framework for Innovation and Problem-Solving

Cultivating an Innovation Mindset: Building a Culture of Creativity and Experimentation

Measuring Innovation: Metrics and KPIs for BRMs to Assess Business Impact

The package is for you if…

You want a proven approach to fast-track your ability to be a BRM practitioner.

You enjoy discussing specific challenges, not only the theoretical constructs of a challenge leading to options for resolution.

You operate in a complex environment and require the experience of a Master of Business Relationship Management (MBRM®).

You already have a foundational understanding of BRM principles and are looking to advance your career.

You have good knowledge of BRM concepts but want to focus on the application of those techniques in the wild, e.g., skills you won’t get from reading a book.

The package is not for you if…

You aren’t interested in advancing your role as a BRM.
You don’t have a complex or political environment you’re operating in as a BRM.
You don’t feel you have much to learn regarding quantifying and articulating value organizationally.

Badge Description

Badge holders have achieved a critical milestone in advancing their careers as strategic BRMs by earning the BRM Innovation credential. This prestigious designation demonstrates that the badge holder has successfully completed a rigorous practitioner-focused executive program that emphasizes the skills and strategies required to be a top-performing BRM in the industry. After successfully completing the BRM Innovation credential, badge holders can refine their skillsets as strategic BRMs, and become trusted advisors who drive innovation, transform organizational processes, and create value. They are well-equipped to foster and develop personal and professional relationships while delivering measurable outcomes that significantly impact business results. If you’re seeking to take your career to the next level, enroll in the BRM Mindset Digital Certificate Program® today and become a top-performing BRM who drives innovation and unlocks new opportunities for your organization.

Earning Criteria

To earn the prestigious BRM Innovation® badge, participants must complete the following:

  • A comprehensive 2-day program covering critical knowledge areas for strategic BRM or 8 coaching sessions with tailored content on the subject.
  • Instructor-led by a Master Business Relationship Manager, credentialled by the BRM Institute.
  • Pass demonstrated competency checks to ensure that participants effectively learn and retain the skills and strategies required to become a top-performing BRM.
  • The program covers a range of critical topics outlined in the key topics.
  • By completing this rigorous program, participants will be well-positioned to take their careers to the next level as highly skilled and respected strategic BRMs.
  • Successful program participants will earn the “BRM Innovation®” designation, a digital badge, and a certification of completion.

Learning map

This learning map highlights where in the curriculum the badge falls and which credential it enables.


How do I earn the BRM ACE® Fundamentals badge?
Upon completion of the following badges: teamwork, interactional, and agility and 4 weeks of the executive program coursework, this credential will have been earned.
How do I earn the BRM ACE® Advanced badge?
Upon completion of the following badges: mindset, innovation, and unblocking and 8 weeks of the executive program coursework, this credential will have been earned.
How do I earn the BRM ACE® Expert badge?
Upon completion of the following badges: efficiency, analytics, and strategic and 8 weeks of the executive program coursework, this credential will have been earned.
Okay. How do I start?

Add the product to your cart, and check out. You’ll immediately be rolled into the coaching program and will hear from me soon!

Join me, and let’s start optimizing your role for ultimate success!

Have a great day!

Peter Nichol, MBRM®

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