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Leaders and Business relationship managers often encounter challenges that are outside of their comfort zone.

In these situations having the support of an expert to run ideas against ensures that future energy is focused in a positive direction.

There was a funny parable that circulating recently about a broken engine, an old man, and a hammer that goes something like this.

A giant engine in a factory failed. The factory owners had spoken to several experts, but none of them could solve the problem.

Eventually, the company broke down and hired an old man who had been fixing engines for many years. After inspecting the huge engine for a minute or two, the old man pulled a hammer out of his tool bag and gently tapped on the engine. Immediately the engines sprung back into life.

A week later, the company received an invoice from the old man for $10,002. Flabbergasted, the company emailed the old man asking him to send through an itemized bill.

The man replied with a bill that said:

Tapping with a hammer: $2.00

Knowing where to tap: $10,000.00

The moral of the story is that, while effort is important, having the experience to know where to put that effort makes all the difference.

This is the benefit of expert advice.

Package includes

45 minute 1:1 coaching session

Potential topics

Finding your way as a business relationship manager

Clarifying your role as a business relationship manager

Designing a socialization model to ensure organizational outreach and success

Creating a “Power of Influence” to optimize stakeholder interactions

Conducting an assessment to align with natural behavior tendencies

Discussion on primary capabilities of a business relationship manager

Evaluating your effectiveness as a business relationship manager

Assistance in conducting a Business Value Ability Assessment

Assistance in conducting a Cultural Readiness Assessment

Embracing and optimizing the BRM Portfolio Management Process

Capabilities of a Business Relationship Manager (PDF)

How to quantify value for your department that’s sticky?

Applying BRM principles in an agile world

Managing executive demands to be a rock star

Conducting a maturity assessment that is linked to action

Applying BRM and portfolio metrics that matter

The hourly approach is for you if…

You have a specific challenge you’re facing.

You want the benefit of experience to tackle this problem.

You know that expertise in this area is hard to find, and you have found it internally.

You want a Master of Business Relationship Management (MBRM®) to help solve this challenge in partnership with you.

You tried solutions that sounded good but didn’t work and are ready for practical solutions that work.

The hourly approach is not for you if

You don’t feel you need additional experience to weigh in on your problem.
You understand the full solution space, and there isn’t a need for added perspectives.
You need more than one discussion to address your challenge (explore the package options)


Is a single session a common service you offer?

No. I rarely work with clients for just one session as I need longer than that to really understand you and help you achieve whatever it is you are aiming for.

However, if you do want one session, I will do what I can to help in such a limited time.

Best suited for people who want help removing a specific challenge or obstacle or to address a singular issue.

Why is coaching different than reading?

Coaching provides a customized approach, whereas reading offers general information.

Professionals interested in coaching want the fast track. As a result, they are typically exhausted from generic information that sounds good initially but doesn’t practically work.

Coaching offers you the ability to learn at your pace. We’re talking about your challenges. We’re positioning you to be more effective every day.

What does access to you really mean?

It’s as simple as pay-to-play. Your subscription gives you direct access to me, and my experience is available for you to tap into at your pleasure. This level of coaching is similar to guardrails.

With a discussion every two weeks, you’re not going to be an expert in 3 months. However, what this access affords you is running those challenging and complex situations by an expert. Here are several questions that surfaced from leaders I have coached:

  • How do I build adoption for this idea?
  • How do I carve out my space as a BRM?
  • What’s the best way to clarify my role as a BRM?
  • In new organizations, how do BRMs operate?
  • We’re shifting from projects to products. How does my role evolve?
  • Portfolio directors managing the PMO are already in place; how does my role conflict with or complement existing organizational roles?

Candidly, if I’m awake, my phone is on. If I’m asleep, it’s off. So the benefit of this model is you can reach me day or night and not worry about it being a bad time.

When I’m available again, e.g., when I wake up, I’ll respond immediately.

The benefit of engaging an expert coach is consistency, accountability, and vision. I have the ability to encourage you to apply for the BRM role in a consistent approach that optimizes your ability to be most effective in the role. As a coach, I help to keep you accountable for what you say and commit to doing. Lastly, when you’re in the thick of it, it isn’t easy to see the broader picture. I ensure you’re making smart and strategic decisions to protect your future.

Why are you credible? Who are you?

I’m a highly respected executive, BRM, and a passionate evangelist for the BRM community. As a BRMP®, CBRM®, MBRM®, I am a change champion and fully embrace the role, capability, discipline, and philosophy of the BRM Institute to achieve powerful results.

I also was the first globally credentialed Master of Business Relationship Management (MBRM®) by the BRM Institute. You could say that I set the global standard of what a master BRM is all about. I was the first to demonstrate mastery and the practical application of business relationship management skills for quantified outcomes and value realization.

I also hold BRM Institutes for “certificates of experience” in the following areas:

  • Change Management and Transformational Change
  • Organizational Transformation and Scalability
  • Project Management and Portfolio Management
  • Strategy and Strategic Resource Management

I am also a 4x author, MIT Sloan and Yale School of Management speaker, and avid blogger with hundreds of articles on innovation, data science, artificial intelligence, and blockchain.

Makes sense. This must be expensive, right?

This includes a 45 minutes session. This is a one-off discussion off to discuss a specific topic of interest. This is not a package and therefore does not automatically renew.

All future discussions must be purchased as a package.

What type of role benefits the most from coaching?

Roles that benefit the most are in dynamic environments. For example, the environment might be new because of a new role, new responsibilities, new team, or new promotion.

When the environment changes, the expectations for your role change as well. Therefore, it’s vital to understand how those changes in expectations affect your daily interactions.

Coaching offers strategies, techniques, and tips to position you for success!

Okay. How do I start?

Add the product to your cart, and check out. You’ll immediately be rolled into the coaching program and will hear from me soon!

Join me, and let’s start optimizing your role for ultimate success!

Have a great day!

Peter Nichol, MBRM®

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