What Would Happen If You Lived By These 5 Principles

What if, when you woke up, today was it different from yesterday or the day before? You decided, right now you were going to make a change.  There are five life principles that have changed my life. They may change yours too.


  1. Choose Happiness

Yes it’s a choice.  There is an old saying that “money doesn’t make you happy but it sure doesn’t hurt.” There is some truth to this. However, happiness is inside-out, not outside-in.  It doesn’t find you. You don’t travel and then discover it sitting on a park bench, at a mall or on the deck of the new boat you purchased.  Happiness is mental and you must find it for yourself from within. Start here: every day write down three things you are happy for.  Start now and stop reading this, open your iPad, or get a pen and write down three things that you are thankful for.  Seriously, go do that then come back.  I’ll still be here.


Welcome back. Take time every day to reflect. I do this daily in the form of meditation, but that is only one option.  You can take 2-3 minute and just reflect in the car, before you head into the office in the morning.  You can shut your office door, for 2-3 minutes and think about the future.  The past won’t help you. You must focus all your energy on the future.


  1. Believe It’s All Easy

When you are thinking about that project at work, what if it was easy?  That new house project, what if that was easy? The presentation you have to do, what if that was easy?  Believe that everything is easy. 


This doesn’t mean don’t work hard.  What it means is that others figured it out, you can too.  Rethink problems as solvable and you’ll solve a lot more, than stump you. You will achieve more too. The impossible will quickly become possible.


  1. Integrity Above All Else

Make every decision you have like it was your last and the final decision you will be remembered for.  You always have a decision, even when the options seem grim.


To read my article “Integrity Still Matters” Click Here.


A job doesn’t own you.  A boss can’t control you.  You are defined by who you are, not the job you perform or the task to which you are given.  The next time you experience injustice, unethical corporate practices, or a leader that is disrespectful – decide. You decided to work there, you can decide to not work there.  All work is voluntary.


I’ll share a brief story of grandfather, a brilliant man and an amazing attorney.  He raised four children and they all went to college and grad school (several with multiple masters). When he was sick in his last years he told me something that always stuck with me. He said, “You decide Peter, you make the decisions that guide your life.  Your word is what people will remember.  Be true and remember your ancestors who stood before you. Integrity is everything. They died for it.” Going back to 1039, my great grandfathers were at the knights table at Foulis Castle Seat of the Clan Munro in Scotland. I’m blessed to have my complete genealogy and lineage to reflect upon (thanks to my grandfather).  From professors to Patriots to presidents, my family blood has deep roots.  It’s hard not to reflect that some piece of that is carried on.


At the Battle of Lexington first blood of the American Revolutionary War in April 19, 1775. My family is related to 53 of the 77 men on the Lexington Green that day.


Some minutemen died instantly—like Jonas Parker, 8 years older than his cousin Captain Parker. Jonas, having loaded his musket, placed his hat full of ammunition on the ground between his feet, ready for a second charge. At the second fire, Jonas was wounded and dropped to his knees and fired again. While reloading his rifle, a British Soldier ran his bayonet straight through him. Jonas, one of the first to die for his country, always said that “he would never run from the enemy” and was true to his word.


Integrity is everything. Others won’t have it, that’s fine. All that matters is that you do.


  1. Remove Waste

Cut out the negative.  This means colleagues that do not support you, friends that bring you down. Cut out all the dead wood and strengthen your support system.  


Years ago, I cleaned house. I removed from my life everyone and everything that did not raise me up.  Removing those who did not empower my dreams, hopes and suppress my fears. It’s true, I don’t have 1,000 of friends. I only have a handful.  The friends I do have are real friends that I would do anything for – anything.  They are true friends, dedicated colleagues, and each one someone I respect.  It’s better to be surrounded by true brothers, than surrounded by guests.


Your environment impacts your thoughts, your dreams and either feeds your fears or removes them.  Stop watching TV; turn off the negativity.  What if every night you read instead of watching TV? Would the world end? I did it.  As it turns out the world does not end.  You actually have more, not less to contribute in conversations. Your focus is razor sharp and your mind even sharper. Your senses are enhanced and you can focus your mind with unbelievable precision. Your mind centers and your mental core becomes ruthlessly stable.


  1. Follow Your True Path

Believe in yourself.  Believe you can do anything. 


“I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” – Thomas Jefferson




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