Think Lead Disrupt by Peter B. Nichol



Do you wonder how innovative leaders generate world-class ideas? How do these cutting-edge leaders continually envision the future? Where do they go for their sources of inspirational ideas? The disruption of business models, products, and interactions aren’t random—a disruptive mindset is deliberate. Executives, leaders, and business managers search for the best ideas every day, leveraging the best minds. What they discover is that a small percentage of individuals generate the majority of unique ideas—not all ideas, but ideas on the fringe of normal. How is it possible these same leaders continually generate the best and most remarkable ideas? The ideation of original ideas is a process—a process you can learn.

In Think Lead Disrupt, author Peter B. Nichol provides insights into how innovators can continually redesign products, services, and experiences in new and unique forms. Innovative companies don’t just hatch. These disruptive companies evolve as a result of individual ideas, beliefs, and values. Individuals working together transform companies with original ideas. Nichol illuminates the mindset of innovative executives and explores how ideas lead to disruption. Based on his experience as a CIO, as the author of three books, and as a digital expert, Nichol captures how you can be part of the idea revolution.

This book explains the growth of original ideas and how strategies are linked to successful executions by exploring these questions: How do you generate great ideas? Where do the best ideas originate? Why can the best leaders always envision a new strategy for business differentiation?

You’ll learn:

  • How innovators think differently
  • How original ideas are formed to create disruption
  • How predicting innovation affects outcomes
  • How to look for inspiration from outside

This book also includes how ideas serve as catalysts for innovation and how concepts such as robotic process automation, data science, and strategy drive disruptive business execution.

Think Lead Disrupt is the definitive book to finally learn how to continually generate and execute world-class ideas—by thinking like an innovator.

Praise for Think Lead Disrupt

“Think Lead Disrupt presents unique insights on how innovators can continually evolve ideas for digital transformation. Nichol, a respected writer for CIO, has shared the secrets to move from strategy to execution. A must-read!”
— Amresh Mathur
Digital Transformation Executive, Samsung Electronics America

“Think Lead Disrupt will illuminate how brilliant leaders identify new ideas to transform their businesses. Nichol presents the practical impacts of how ideas lead to disruptive business trans-formations. A refreshing look at how evolutionary and revolutionary ideas fuel business transformation. A must-read for every innovator!”

— Qamar Zia
Senior Director of Technical Services, Körber Supply Chain
“A prolific writer in a Zen master fashion strikes again. Building on his CIO experience, Peter dissects the anatomy of innovative ideas and creativity once again in his upcoming book. Think Lead Disrupt is riveting, addictive, and disruptive. How leaders think, innovate, and grow from the ashes? If you are looking for the food for thought, the meal has been served!”
— Minhaaj Rehman
CEO and Founder, Psyda
“Think Lead Disrupt is a fantastic book for leaders that want to develop innovative ideas that can be translated into world-class business products, services, and interactions. Nichol’s voice as a CIO and global thought leader is simple to understand and easy to apply. This is a must read for innovators leading teams, departments, or organizations that must be on the cutting edge!”
— Aaron S. Barnes
CEO and Co-Founder, Business Relationship Management (BRM) Institute
“A wise man—my 100-year old grandfather—once told me, when faced with a complex problem, always go back to first principles. From there, assumptions can be questioned, and the status quo can be challenged. Think Lead Disrupt embodies this philosophy and presents unique insights into how innovators can continually evolve digital transformation ideas. Nichol, a respected writer for CIO, has shared the secrets to move from strategy to execution. A must-read!”
— Eric Acton
Head of Innovation Ecosystems, Rolls-Royce
“A must-read. Everyone wants to think like an innovator. Every day we’re immersed in a world that is lightning fast. In this world, only the best ideas are funding, implemented and adopt-ed. Nichol has captured why innovative executives are able to continually discover earth-shattering ideas.”
— Mathias Goyen, MD
Chief Medical Officer Europe, Middle East, and Africa, GE Healthcare
“The innovation mindset is fundamental to source new solutions. Without this, you will not have the right foundations to really achieve true innovation. Peter clearly articulates how having the right innovation mindset provides a path to harness disruptive strategies and approach new ways to solve old problems!”
— Steve Suarez
Global Head of Innovation, Finance and Risk, HSBC
“A great book for leaders looking to create an organizational culture and the capacity to accelerate innovation. A must-read book that explores the art and science of innovation!”
— Kristna Cheriath
VP, Head of Digital, Data & Analytics, Zoetic, Inc.
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Peter Nichol has been a leading keynote speaker and panelist speaking on digital, innovation, and blockchain. He speaks more than fifty times a year mostly to boards and senior management teams. He speaks on innovation, digital, and healthcare as a sustainable competitive advantage. His style is curious, thoughtful, and grounded from practical experience; his presentations are littered with “what ifs” and stories offering insightful digital observations creating new interest. Audiences love his idea-driven speaking style and his genuinely original perspectives on innovation’s potential to transform healthcare.
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  • Where to look for innovation when you have no time
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