Learning Intelligence by Peter B. Nichol



You’ve read about building your intelligence (ability to know) and your emotional intelligence (ability to feel) but what about your learning intelligence (ability to learn)?

In this fascinating book, Peter B. Nichol, an MIT Sloan School of Management recognized CIO and award-winning innovation leader, explores the forgotten world of Learning Intelligence—your ability to learn.

With Learning Intelligence, you’ll be able to:

  • Expand your capability to learn.
  • Discover the difference between IQ, EQ and LQ.
  • Understand how your learning intelligence is determined.
  • Explore why learning agility is vital for innovators.
  • Describe the 5 foundational principles of learning intelligence.
  • Explain and improve your zero-based learning ability.
  • Apply the 4 Dimensions of learning intelligence.

Praise for Learning Intelligence

“Peter dives into unexplored, valuable territory in Learning Intelligence. A must-read for any leader wanting to compete in the innovation-powered landscape of today.”
— Marshall Goldsmith
The author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, Triggers

“An important book for the new digital economy which requires fundamental skills that can adapt to a dynamic and fast moving environment. Peter has captured the quintessential element for preparing organizations to meet and exploit these digital capabilities.”

— Dale Danilewitz
Chief Information Officer, AmerisourceBergen
“This is a great book, offering much wise advice. I most appreciated Nichol’s insight around the value of data, information, knowledge and wisdom. Learning Intelligence is the new currency for exponential thinking.”
— David M. Johnson
SVP & Global Head of Public Sector Group, Cognizant
“The ability to unlearn and learn is vital, as business leaders constantly navigate through change. Learning Intelligence is the tool they have been waiting for!”
— Gurmeet Chahal
SVP and Head Healthcare, HCL Technologies
“Nichol is an insightful innovator and partner in driving transformation change within organizations. This book is a must read for business leaders charged with transforming their organization’s ability to learn.”

— Lennox Brown
Chief Information Officer, Analogic

“Using well-presented research, Nichol makes a convincing argument for corporate leaders to grow their knowledge in this area. This book is a useful tool in recognizing the strategic impact of Learning Intelligence.”
— Karl Pansewicz
CEO, Snapcodr, Inc.
“Peter has identified the “secret sauce” for organizations to evolve their culture of innovation and learning. Learning intelligence is the missing link most organizations seek but rarely find.”
— Christopher Cornue
Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, Navicent Health
“Learning Intelligence identifies a phenomenon that has defined this and future generations potential to advance and succeed – the ability to learn. We observe more and more that multidisciplinary approaches are key to finding new innovative solutions to challenging problems – and this requires all stakeholders to possess the learning agility necessary to make breakthroughs. I applaud Peter Nichol for capturing this in an easy-to-understand book.”
— George T Mathew, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
“Peter B. Nichol does an excellent job taking the important and complex, learning intelligence concepts and giving every individual advice to put into action to improve their ability to learn. Learning Intelligence is a great combination of strategy and practical approaches, sure to help anyone improve their ability to learn and innovate successfully.”
— Nicolas Bragard
Chief Information Officer, Esker
“Peter is an expert at taking organizations from Information Strategy to Implementation to Value Realization. In Learning Intelligence, he applies this expertise to help individuals and organizations raise their Human Capital to new heights!”
— Richard Singerman, PhD
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
“Peter’s new book Learning Intelligence captures the essence of the “ability to learn” – the foundation for success. A must read, for all leaders who want to be successful in life!”
— Balu MV
Chief Information & Innovation Officer, AVA International
“In Learning Intelligence, Peter B. Nichol launches a fascinating new concept with the potential to help business leaders significantly advance product and process innovation in every industry…The book clearly describes how leaders can acquire these valuable skills by accurately improving their Learning Intelligence and then continually working to measure their LQ.”
— Robert Coli, MD
Founder & Chairman, Diagnostic Information System Company
“Peter extends the current view on personal maturity by introducing LQ – Learning Quotient – a complement of intelligence and emotional intelligence quotients by focusing on our ability to change, grow and live. A fascinating view and an area which every leader must explore.”
— Thomas Walenta
Board of Directors and Fellow, Project Management Institute
“A highly accessible book for all business executives that demand the best talent to meet operational objectives. Learning Intelligence provides a broad understanding of the ability to learn in a model that works brilliantly for both industry, government, and academic settings.”
— Safdar Zaman
Head of IT Strategy and Governance, Nakheel PJSC
“Taking a new approach to intelligence and how it is best applied in your business Peter Nichol’s new book Learning Intelligence will expand your mind and challenge conventions. We live in a new digital age of immediate and ready access to information that requires people to learn faster to match the exponential nature of change in our world. Learning Intelligence helps you rethink your world, business, teams and employees!”
— Nick van Terheyden, MD
Chief Medical Officer at NTT Data, Inc.
“An important read for all leaders as we move towards a future, where speed, adaptability, knowledge, and sound decision making are the currency for success.”
— Steve Lawler
Senior Vice President Regional Group, Carolinas HealthCare System
“It has been said that ‘minding your P’s and Q’s is applicable to life and business. Peter Nichol’s extraordinary new book enhances complete understanding of the Q’s which is half the battle in successful startups and corporate enterprises. This is a game-changer.”
— Edward Bukstel
CEO, Clinical Blockchain

Booking Speaking Engagements

Peter Nichol has been a leading keynote speaker and panelist speaking on innovation, learning intelligence, and blockchain throughout the United States.

He speaks more than fifty times a year mostly to boards and senior management teams. He speaks on innovation, digital, and healthcare as a sustainable competitive advantage. His style is curious, thoughtful, and grounded from practical experience; his presentations are littered with “what ifs” and stories offering insightful digital observations creating new interest. Audiences love his idea-driven speaking style and his genuinely original perspectives on innovation’s potential to transform healthcare.

To enquire about having Peter speak at an event, please contact Annie at annie@datasciencecio.com to confirm schedule availability and logistics.
Peter has a set rate to speak regardless of whether the engagement is via a Speaking Agency or through him directly. The rate varies depending on location or where overseas he is required to speak.
The most popular speaking topics:
  • Learning Intelligence In Stereo
  • Stretching Your Capability to Learn With Wire
  • Unleashing Your Ability to Learn
  • Discovering the Difference Between IQ, EQ, and LQ
  • Riding the Curve to Zero-Based Learning
  • Igniting Teams with High LQ
  • Building Your Intelligence: The Unfiltered Version
  • The 5 Revolutionary Pillars of Learning Intelligence
  • Reversing Your Learning Ability
  • An Innovator’s Guide to Rethinking Learning
  • Hiring for Learning Agility
  • Appreciating Significance: How To Revitalize Your Ability to Learn
  • Bridging The Smart Gap