The Power of Blockchain for Healthcare by Peter B. Nichol


Did you hear about blockchain technology, and how it impacts finance but were more interested in blockchain’s impact on healthcare?

The biggest opportunities for blockchain, still lie undiscovered—that is until now.

In this fascinating book, Peter B. Nichol, an MIT Sloan School of Management recognized CIO and award-winning innovation leader, explores how blockchain can transform healthcare.

In fact, investors, entrepreneurs, innovators, and executives are searching to identify the changes that will result from the introduction of blockchain technology to healthcare. Previously, a book didn’t exist that comprehensively covered the impact of blockchain on healthcare in a practical and fun discussion. Today, we will step outside the headlines and into the unchained world of blockchain technology.

In The Power of Blockchain for Healthcare, author Peter B. Nichol highlights where blockchain is emerging with the potential to transform the patient experience—from payers to providers to patients—embracing blockchain to create sustainable competitive advantages. Nichol magnifies the principles and use cases pioneering a new frontier to revolutionize the healthcare experience. Based on his articles, blogs, and musings, the book shows what is required to transform healthcare from the inside. It explains practical uses for blockchain in a straightforward conversation: what can blockchain do, how will it impact our health, and why should you care as a business leader? Within these parts, you’ll learn:

  • How blockchain can help patients.
  • How to unchain, existing models to rebuild trust in healthcare.
  • How pockets of innovation will energize healthcare.
  • How curiosity will uncover new value for our healthcare ecosystem.

Praise for The Power for Blockchain in Healthcare

“The Power of Blockchain for Healthcare presents a crisp and fresh perspective of blockchain tailored to healthcare. Nichol focuses on how blockchain will enhance the patient and provider experience and the technology we use to interaction with patients. A must read!”
— Raja Ramachandran
Founder, and former Managing Director, R3CEV

“The Power of Blockchain for Healthcare is an essential read for any seasoned leader, and with Peter’s unique perspectives it’s no wonder he is one of the most influential innovation voices on healthcare innovation. A must read.”

 — Guilherme Stocco
Head of Strategy and Innovation at Banco Original
“Peter offers a new voice presenting fresh perspectives on how blockchain will transform the healthcare experience. The Power of Blockchain for Healthcare presents the unconventional potential utilization of blockchain beyond the financial sector and within an industry that is on the verge of a disruption.”
— Emilia Poposka
Co-Founder and CEO, Brontech
“Blockchain technology will fundamentally transform, disrupt and change our world much like the internet has done. All industry segments will be affected, and it will allow for fundamental shifts in business models. Nichol magnificently articulates the implications for the healthcare industry. A must read for every senior executive who wants to be prepared for the future.”
— Jack Smies
Vice President & Business Head Middle East at Wipro
“Peter accelerates past the typical explanation of blockchain, and immediately carves out blockchain’s value for healthcare. If you’re already familiar with blockchain but truly want to understand how blockchain will disrupt healthcare, then The Power of Blockchain for Healthcare is the book for you.”
— Eran Orr
Founder & CEO VRPhysio Inc.
“The Power of Blockchain for Healthcare provides a compelling argument for the transformative impact that blockchain will have on the patient experience. Nichol magnificently articulates a future vision of health, a vision every executive should experience.”
— San Banerjee
Head of Consumer Digital Solutions, Humana

Booking Speaking Engagements

Peter Nichol has been a leading keynote speaker and panelist speaking on digital, innovation, and blockchain.He speaks more than fifty times a year mostly to boards and senior management teams. He speaks on innovation, digital, and healthcare as a sustainable competitive advantage. His style is curious, thoughtful, and grounded from practical experience; his presentations are littered with “what ifs” and stories offering insightful digital observations creating new interest. Audiences love his idea-driven speaking style and his genuinely original perspectives on innovation’s potential to transform healthcare.

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  • Interoperability in the New Age of Healthcare
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