Leading with Value by Peter B. Nichol



Do you know how to capture business value? Are you able to quantify your impact on the organization? Do your leaders clearly understand the value your team provides day over day? If your answer to any of these questions is no, fear not. You’re among the majority of leaders across the world. These same leaders are passionate about making a difference and are confused about how to communicate value in terms that executives understand and appreciate.

In Leading with Value, author Peter B. Nichol provides access to secrets of how the best and most innovative companies tackle business value. His unique experience as a software engineer, architect, project leader, and CIO all synergize to provide you with clear, crisp, and actionable insights on how to capture and communicate business value. Based on his experience as a CIO, author of four books, and a data-science expert, Nichol captures the missing key for leaders struggling to quantify what impact they make and why it matters.

Portfolio directors, business-relationship managers, program and project managers, agile change leaders, and business analysts are in the business of generating value. This book ensures that you’re speaking and communicating in terms that matter to executives. It explains how to capture, measure, and communicate business value and provides powerful examples that help answer questions for the novice and the practitioner alike: “Which value-based framework applies to what my team does? How can I use simple tools for maximum impact? What’s the best method to capture financial savings and financial costs avoided?”

Throughout the book, you’ll learn:

  • Which value management approach works best
  • Why traditional project management offices are broken
  • How to conduct a complete business-value exercise
  • Which leaders are in the best position to lead the value revolution

This book also includes dozens of value-based analysis techniques for you to explore and covers a multitude of models that can be leveraged for the benefit of leaders across organizations to quantify outcomes and discover the real business value.

Leading with Value is the go-to book for leaders who are serious about clearly communicating and quantifying business value—make your business the business of value!

Praise for Leading with Value

“We all know that traditional PMOs are broken and don’t provide the value executives expect. Leading with Value is the first book to systematically break down the concept of value into pieces that every leader can take advantage of for their organizations’ benefit. If you want to do a better job of quantifying the impact and value of your team, this book should be your first read!”
— Trushar Shah
Head of Engineering, GEP Worldwide

“Learn how to speak the language of business value! Leading with Value is the solution that every business relationship partner has been looking for—the complete guide to effectively communicating business value!”

— Glenn Remoreras
Chief Information Officer, Mark Anthony Group
“CIOs expect their leaders to understand how to quantify value. Nichol takes the mysterious and complex topic of value and simplifies it to the essential nuggets we all need to understand. Struggling to quantify the value of your team? Pick up a copy of Leading with Value and stand out from your peers with your understanding of how to effectively communicate value!”
— Hatem Elmanawy
Director of Project Management, Ocean Capital
“Value is, perhaps, the most misused word in the corporate lexicon. Identifying and aligning on what value must be captured is itself a challenge, and companies rarely follow-through during and post capability acquisition to ensure anticipated value is, indeed, captured as planned with little to no erosion. Quite admirably, Peter has taken on and delivered on this challenge to explain a complex topic in straightforward terms. Leading with Value provides a holistic take on value – Identification, Stewardship, and Realization – that brings us back to the basics while challenging our thinking.”
— Ram Madras
Executive Director of IT Strategy & Planning, Blue Cross and Blue Shield
“Nichol finally wrote the business book for all levels from the CIO to the manager. Every leader is charged with creating and capturing business value. Leading with Value takes the time to elaborate on how specifically to take abstract concepts and turn them into concrete and quantifiable examples of value. Change how you look at business problems forever with Leading with Value!”
— Isaak Georgiadis
Head of Value Cost Management, bei DRÄXLMAIER Group
“Leading with Value provides several methods and the essential nuggets that allow companies to transform Project-Management Offices into Value-Management Offices. Nichol’s new book is a must-read for Senior Executives, PMO leaders and project managers that want to expand their knowledge on discovering, realizing and optimizing the value of their project, teams and portfolios!”
— Jean Binder
Head of Life Sciences Program Management Office, Philip Morris International
“Leading with Value offers insightful examples of how to capture and communicate value to your business partners. Do your leaders understand your value? Can your peers describe the services you provide? As a CIO and 4x author, Nichol harnesses his experience to empower leaders to maximize business value!”
— Kris Sprague
Head of Project Planning & Scheduling, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
“Leading with Value presents a unique formula that helps leaders maximize business value. If you’re a leader looking for methods, approaches, and solutions to quantify business value, this book will be your best guide!”
— Nanji Chandrasekhar
VP of IT Infrastructure & Cloud Operations, Aspen Dental Management, Inc.
“Leading with Value offers CDOs and CIOs concrete ways to capture and communicate the business value of their data, analytics and technology investments. Nichol makes the case for why traditional budget and PMO measures are outdated and offer more relevant approaches for a rapidly changing digital world. A must read!”
— Cindi Howson
Chief Data Strategy Office ThoughtSpot & Host of The Data Chief Podcast
Booking Speaking Engagements
Peter Nichol has been a leading keynote speaker and panelist speaking on digital, innovation, and blockchain. He speaks more than fifty times a year mostly to boards and senior management teams. He speaks on innovation, digital, and healthcare as a sustainable competitive advantage. His style is curious, thoughtful, and grounded from practical experience; his presentations are littered with “what ifs” and stories offering insightful digital observations creating new interest. Audiences love his idea-driven speaking style and his genuinely original perspectives on innovation’s potential to transform healthcare.
To enquire about having Peter speak at an event, please contact Annie at annie@datasciencecio.com to confirm schedule availability and logistics.
Peter has a set rate to speak regardless of whether the engagement is via a Speaking Agency or through him directly. The rate varies depending on location or where overseas he is required to speak.
The most popular speaking topics:
  • How to capture business value
  • Why a hyper-focus on business value is a game-changer
  • A systematic approach to quantify your business value
  • Building a capability roadmap for high-performance teams
  • Using metrics to move your team from average to world-class